Saturday, September 16, 2017

Five Things I Am Looking Forward to This Fall

I absolutely love fall! I love everything about it! Honestly, I look forward to September - December all year long. I could probably come up with more than 5 things that I'm looking forward to but since this challenge is specific, I'll try to stick with just five.

1.) Our anniversary - Our anniversary is October 16th and this year will be our 13th year of marriage. We started dating on November 16th so when we got engaged and knew we wanted a fall wedding, we picked the month that the 16th fell on a Saturday. I always love celebrating our anniversary!

2.) Hubby's birthday also known as Halloween. I love celebrating his birthday. Usually it's just the two of us and I have a big pumpkin bag that I fill with all his favorite goodies. I usually make him a Halloween cake of some kind. One year, it was a scarecrow; one year it was a witches' hat; one year it was a pumpkin; one year was an owl. I still haven't quite decided what I'll be doing this year, but I always have fun planning it. So I'm excited about celebrating this year!

3.) Carving pumpkins with hubby and my brother. Last year we ended up going down to my brother's house and I had brought pumpkins so we all carved one. It was a lot of fun. This year, we are already planning to go spend the weekend before Halloween with him and carve pumpkins again. I usually always do an owl carving. Last year, hubby made a Clemson Tiger paw and my brother made a ninja!

4.) Fall drinks - yes, I am quite excited about getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I also love having Apple Cider Floats, Spooktacular Halloween Shakes. and pumpkin spice hot chocolate!

5.) Our scary movie marathons. Usually hubby and I have several scary movie marathons because we love watching suspenseful, thriller, Halloween movies. We always watch all of the Harry Potter movies and all of the Twilight movies. This year, we are also going to play this Scary Movie Bingo.

So those are at least five of the things I am looking forward to this fall.